So, Lets begin with simple balloon decoration using balloon strip

Blow the latex balloon by blowing air into it or using hand pump or using electric pump and tie a knot. you can use knot tool to make it easier.
After inflating the balloons insert it onto the holes in the balloon strip
We suggest you to insert balloons in the alternate holes if you are trying it out for the first time.
Once your done with garland the

next step is to attach the balloons on the wall.
option1 : Take a small piece of ribbon or thread of about 30 cm long and tie one end to the garland and the other end to the frame or secure it to the wall using cello tape.

Option 2: Alternatively if it is mini garland you can simply stick about 3 to 4 glue dots and stick the mini garland on wall in semi arch shape.

If you want to add foil balloons to the balloon garland, then tie the inlet of foil balloon with ribbon or thread and attach the other end to the garland.
To add more attractions you can pair it with curtain foils or banners or lights or butterfly.

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