Party Check List

Party Decorations Checklist

Planning a party? Make sure you've got everything covered with our essential checklist for party decorations. At Party Oasis Qatar, we've got everything you need to create a memorable event. Let's get started!

Essential Must-Haves for Your Party Setup

Planning a successful party involves attention to detail. From decorations to entertainment, here’s a comprehensive list of must-haves to ensure your celebration is a hit!

  1. Theme and Decorations:

    • Choose a theme that sets the tone for your party.

    2. Cake and Accessories:

    3. Dining Essentials:

    4. Photo Booth Fun:

    5. Kids’ Entertainment:

    6. Setup Tools:

For more ideas and to see how these must-haves come together in real parties, check out our gallery! Get inspired and envision how your event could look.
With these must-haves, your party is sure to be a memorable event for all your guests. If you need assistance with setting up at the venue or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! +974 7068 4438

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