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Flight toy

Flight toy

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Kids will Learn how to launch and control it, when playing, which helps your youngsters develop coordination, critical thinking skills with a practical way, also will improve their hand-eye combination, coordination, observation and the sense of direction.

Good way to spend time with your kids, with these planes you will have a fun activity at family picnics, friends BBQ party, or your kids birthday party.

Fly them in your backyard with all different ages kids or adults,all of you will get lot of fun.


Horizontal Flight --Insert the small wing into the tail hole below.

Rotating Flight--Insert the small wing into the tail hole above.


  • UPGRADE AIRPLANE TOYS, MORE POWER THAN NORMAL ONES, 2 FLIGHT MODE --- With the elastic rubber band, it will fly higher and further than normal airplane toys. And there are 2 flying mode, glider mode and reversal mode. Insert the small wing to the below hole, the plane will fly in glider mode. Insert small wing to the upper hole, Plane will fly in reversal mode.

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